Folding Electric Bike

In the fast-paced world today, convenienceis paramount, especially in urban commuting. Yotobike's electric folding bikes offer a perfectsolution, seamlessly blending portability, efficiency, and eco-friendliness.With the compact design and powerful performance, our electric bikes makecommuting a breeze, whether riding on city streets or hopping on publictransport. Moreover, the ability to fold and unfold in seconds adds an extralayer of versatility, allowing you to seamlessly transition between biking andother modes of transportation. Explore Yotobike's folding electric bikes totruly redefine convenience in urban mobility.
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What is a Folding Electric Bike?

A folding electric bike is a versatile and innovative mode of transportation that merges the portability of a folding bike with the efficiency of an electric motor. The folding ebikes are often designed with collapsible frames and handlebars, enabling you to easily fold and unfold them within seconds. This unique feature makes them incredibly convenient for storage in small spaces or for carrying on public transportation. Whether navigating busy city streets or exploring scenic trails, foldable electric bikes offer a flexible and eco-friendly way to commute.

How do Folding Electric Bikes Work?

Electric folding bikes function much like standard electric bikes but with the added convenience of foldability. These bikes feature a battery-powered motor that provides assistance while pedaling, aiding riders in conquering uphill climbs and covering long distances with ease. Moreover, you have the option to select from various levels of pedal assistance or utilize the throttle for an extra burst of speed without the need for pedaling. This combination of electric propulsion and the foldable design makes folding electric bikes for adults versatile and suitable for a wide range of commuting and recreational purposes. Some electric bikes also support a symbiotic interaction between the rider's pedaling efforts and the electric motor's assistance. Torque Sensor the rider's pedaling rhythm and intensity, prompting the motor to deliver supplementary power accordingly. This seamless fusion of human and motor power enhances efficiency and makes cycling more accessible to a wider range of individuals.

How to Fold an Electric Bike?

Folding an electric bike is a straightforward process, please follow the steps below: 1. Start by adjusting the seat and handlebars to their lowest positions. 2. Fold the pedals against the bike frame. 3. Release any locking mechanisms on the frame, such as latches or quick-release levers. 4. Fold the bike in half or collapse the handlebars, depending on the folding mechanism. 5. Secure the folded bike with any provided straps or locks.

How to Choose a Folding Electric Bike?

Easy to Fold

When selecting a small folding electric bike, consider the ease of folding and unfolding. Look for models with intuitive folding mechanisms that allow for quick and hassle-free folding, ensuring convenience when transitioning between riding and storage modes.

Easy to Carry: Lightweight and Small Size

Opt for folding electric bikes for sale that are lightweight and compact in size. A lightweight frame and compact design make it easier to carry the bike when folded, whether you're navigating crowded city streets or transporting it on public transportation.

Easy to Control: Smooth Acceleration

Evaluate the electric bike's control system, focusing on smooth acceleration and responsive handling. Look for features such as adjustable pedal assistance levels and responsive throttle control, which provide you with seamless acceleration and deceleration, enhancing overall control and riding experience. Additionally, consider models with advanced braking systems for added safety and control during various riding conditions.

Why Choose a Folding Electric Bike?

 Good Shock Absorption Design

Geared Hub Motor
1000 W

Torque Sensor

Maximum Safety System Performance

960 Wh/48V 20Ah

Per Charge
80 Miles

Compact Design, Powerful Performance

Hub Motor

48V 7.8AH
Greater Power

Max Speed

Miles Max Range

Folding electric bikes offer a perfect blend of compactness and performance. With a powerful 750W motor, Yotobike's quality and cheap folding electric bikes provide ample power for effortless climbs and swift acceleration. Additionally, our lightest folding electric bikes allow a speed of up to 28mph with a long-lasting 48V 7.8AH battery, enabling you to enjoy a greater range of 45+ miles on a single charge.

Furthermore, you can choose from three riding modes for our electric foldable bikes - throttle mode, pedal assist, or normal bike mode - to tailor your riding experience to your preferences. Whether navigating city streets or exploring off-road trails, the impressive electric bikes from Yotobike provide a comfortable, safe, and exhilarating riding experience for commuters and adventure-seekers alike.

Yoto x Zora Felix Electric Mini Folding Bike

Hub Motor


Max Payload

Max speed

Sales price $999.00

YOTO Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Hub Motor


Max Payload

Max speed

Sales price $3,999.00

5 star reviews

“The Yotobike folding e-bike is perfect for my city commute. It’s lightweight, easy to fold, and fits perfectly in my apartment. The motor is powerful enough to handle hills, and I love the convenience of being able to take it on public transport. Highly recommend!”
—— Lisa W.

5 star reviews

“I was skeptical about folding bikes, but the Yotobike has completely changed my mind. It’s sturdy, has great battery life, and is super easy to store. Whether I’m commuting or just out for a leisure ride, this bike is a game-changer.”
—— Mark D.

5 star reviews

“This folding e-bike is amazing for weekend getaways. I can easily fold it and pack it in the trunk of my car. The ride is smooth, and the motor gives a nice boost when needed. It’s versatile and perfect for both city streets and country trails.”
—— Emma J.

5 star reviews

“The Yotobike folding e-bike is incredibly convenient. I use it to commute to work and then fold it up and store it under my desk. It’s powerful, reliable, and the folding mechanism is very user-friendly. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter!”
—— John P.

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Frame Size
Frame Size
Sale price
Regular price $129.00
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Introducing the Bee Adventurer.
With a 48V 21Ah battery,gets over 80 miles range.
750W motor,peaking to 1100W with 88Nm torque.
Up to 28 Mph Max Speed.
Equipped with 26'X 4'fat tires.
Front fork Rear horst-link suspension.

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How long does it take to charge a folding electricbike battery?

Charging a folding electric bike battery typically takes 3.5 to 6 hours, depending on the battery's capacity and the charger's power output. Most standard chargers provide a full charge within this timeframe, ensuring the electric bike is ready for use after a few hours of charging.

Can I ride a folding electric bike in the rain?

Yes, you can ride a folding electric bike in the rain, but precautions are necessary to prevent damage. Ensure the bike's electrical components are adequately sealed against water ingress, use mudguards to protect against splashes, and dry the bike thoroughly afterward toprevent corrosion.

How much do folding electric bikes cost?

The cost of folding electric bikes varies depending on factors like brand, features, and build quality. Generally, they range from $600 to $3000 or more. At Yotobike, you can get various high-quality
foldable electric bikes for $1000 to $3000. Check to find the right electric bike for your needs.

Are folding electric bikes suitable for off-roadriding?

Most folding electric bikes are generally designed for urban or light off-road use, such as gravel paths or compact trails. While they can handle some off-road terrain, the smaller wheels and frames may limit their performance on rough or technical trails. Try our fat-tire electric mountain bikes if you prefer enjoyable off-road riding.

How far can a folding electric bike travel on a singlecharge?

Typically, Yotobike's folding electric bikes can travel 60 to 80 miles on a single charge. However, the exact distance
a folding electric bike can travel per charge also varies depending on factors like battery capacity, rider weight, terrain, and assist level.